Fire System Drawing Design

Major facility upgrades or new buildings require careful planning and budget awareness.  With our focus on project management, Greenlight can assist you in these planning stages, guiding you all the way through until completion.Greenlight has a full service, in-house Design/Build department. Ensure the highest quality and most accurate results with a rapid turnaround time.

Fire Door

Green Light offer a comprehensive range of expert services for all aspects of fire door ownership. We are a one stop shop for our clients so we can seamlessly integrate surveying, manufacture, installation and maintenance activities for your doors  all to the most robust standards of accreditation.

Fire Sprinkler system

Green Light utilizes state of the art hydraulic modeling software for all of our Fire Sprinkler Services.It has a full service, in-house Design/Build department as well as our in-house manufacturing shop to ensure the highest quality and most accurate results with a rapid turnaround time.

Fire Hydrant System

Fire Hydrant with form of dry column, whose column empty itself automatically when closes the main valve to protect against frosts, designed to supply water for the fight against fires during all the phases of the same one.

Fire Alarm System

Green Light is your one stop provider for all of your fire alarm needs. No matter the depth and breadth of your needs, we take your project from inception to inspection with the highest level of quality and security.Our extensive list of services coupled with our vast knowledge of fire codes and trusted relationships with the Fire Authorities is unparalleled.

Project Evacuation Plan

Every day thousands of building occupants, in schools, hospitals, hotels and offices rely on our emergency evacuation diagrams for building evacuation guidance and fire safety instructions.We provide code compliant Evac Maps to every state and province in Bangladesh and to clients world-wide.

Testing & Commissioning

Inspection, testing and maintenance services are offered by many manufacturers and installers of fire protection systems. The priorities of those installers, however, may not always match the client's best interests. As an independent, professional fire protection engineering firm, Poole Fire Protection brings objective expertise and cost-effective solutions to the table.

Supply, Installation & Service

Our full range of services cover all your needs and we can combine servicing and training etc to reduce disruption so give us a call to see how we can help protect your business, educate and train your staff and help you to understand and meet your legal obligations.

Warranty Products

If a mechanical or operable part of the Green Light records container malfunctions or breaks down during normal use, Green Light, will at its option, repair or replace such part FREE for ten (10) years from original date of purchase while in the possession of the original owner. Associated labor costs for the repair or replacement of these parts will be paid by Green Light for two years from the date of purchase (with authorization in advance).

Our skills

GREEN LIGHT is one of the leading fire Detection & Protection system installation and supplier companies in Bangladesh with Numbers of Products range from different country of origin.

Our Outlet

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